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3 Wheel Roulette by IGT

IGT is one of the leading software providers of online casino games, and it has more than 200 titles in its portfolio. When it comes down to the IGT table games and, more specifically, roulette – there is a clear trend that one can observe. The innovative online roulette by IGT was very popular last decade, but nowadays, their hype is succeeded by the EGT electronic roulette tables. We will tell you more details about it in our blog post, while the following boxes feature links to the main topics.

List of the Top 5 IGT Roulette Games

The entire portfolio of IGT roulette games is not so big in comparison to the video slots released by the software provider. The RNG roulette selection by IGT includes only about 10 titles, and most of them are variants of Single, Double and Triple Zero Roulette. In the next list, we picked the top five IGT roulette tables.

Of course, there are some appealing terminal configurations that you can enjoy at land-based casinos and gaming venues as well. The popular Auto IGT Dynasty Roulette is enjoyed by many players, and the peak terminal configurations offer, for example, as indulging experience as the online RNG tables. In the next paragraphs, we will review each of the best IGT roulette games, yet each of them is highly recommended.

3 Wheel Roulette by IGT

The IGT roulette evolution brought us to one of the most famous versions of an RNG roulette, which is 3 Wheel Roulette. It features an innovative layout with interconnected spinning wheels and, respectively, three zero pockets. This is the main feature that makes 3 Wheel Roulette by IGT different from any other classic European- or American-style roulette. It is even quite different from the famous IGT Dynasty Roulette. Check out the next demo if you would like to know more about the features of this online game.

3 Wheel Roulette by IGT

Instant play

At first glance, 3 Wheel Roulette by IGT appears like a European-style game, as it has only one ‘zero’ sector per wheel. However, everything else is different. For instance, you can place bets on red/black split and red/black Dragon sectors, which is different from the classic online roulette bet types.

There are other unique features, such as the Colour Up bonus and some more advanced bets. Meanwhile, the high RTP rate of 97.29% makes this online roulette by IGT a favourite game of many high rollers.

Single Zero Roulette by IGT

IGT Single Zero Roulette Layout

Single Zero Roulette is another classic roulette as a result of the IGT roulette evolution, and it was released quite some time ago. Yet, it had plenty of innovative features for its time. The two Dragon betting sectors and the option to bet on split colours are amazing. As you can see from the layout of the table, it looks like a typical European-style roulette with a single zero poker.

However, it also has a racetrack where you can bet on neighbouring bets, just like on French Roulette. The medium volatility, in a combination with a rather high RTP of over 98%, makes it a very appealing game among all players at the best casino sites with IGT games.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette by IGT

Double Bonus Spin Roulette by IGT

This is another very popular RNG game from the IGT roulette evolution from last decade, which features a rather old-school look and simple gameplay. Its American table layout offers two ‘zero’ sectors on the wheel, and you got some nice history of your bets displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

An RTP of 98.06% makes Double Bonus Spin Roulette one of the many IGT roulette games preferred by high rollers. The high payout rate is combined with medium volatility – a combination that you can’t find on many other online roulette games. You just need to learn the basics of how to play online roulette and what the differences between the American-style table are, and you are good to go for real money betting.

French Roulette by IGT

IGT French Roulette

There is another classic IGT roulette version that you should put high on your agenda. Of course, it comes down to the third most popular roulette table variant: French. It features only one green pocket on the wheel and offers numerous classic side bets.

However, in contrast to the European-style roulette, French Roulette by IGT features Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins bets. This IGT roulette game also has a very high RTP of 98.65% with a medium-to-low variance, which makes it highly recommended for first-time players and beginners.

IGT Electronic Terminal Roulette

The electronic tables with IGT Dynasty Roulette are one of the most innovative gaming developments of this game studio. You can play IGT electronic roulette games at numerous top casino venues in two main configurations: peak and landscape terminals. Check out the next video that shows a short review of IGT roulette in a Dynasty Peak Roulette configuration.

This innovative IGT electronic roulette offers so much more features than its classic online variants. For instance, you can enjoy different view angles of the betting table, as well as enjoy advanced statistics with just the click of a button.

Each number on the IGT Dynasty Roulette table can display how hot or cold it is, and you can get that information in percentages as well. The IGT electronic roulette can accept up to $500 per bet, so it is a tempting choice for every experienced high roller.

IGT Software Studio – Advantages & Special Features

Characteristics of IGT Roulette Games and Software Studio

Founded in 1990, this game studio quickly established itself as a leading slot software provider for online casino operators around the world. Nowadays, there are hundreds of top online IGT slots with exceptional quality and a wide variety of other online casino games from the same provider. Examples include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, card games and even scratch cards.

One of the newest additions in the IGT portfolio of games includes the Dynasty tables which combine the best experience of a live dealer Vegas table, only without real live dealers. Check out the next paragraphs for more details on this casino software developer.

Varieties of IGT Roulette Games and Their Advantages

There are several types of IGT roulette games, and in the next table, we selected a few of the main advantages that make them very popular at the top online roulette casinos. For instance, most IGT table games are compatible with modern iOS and Android mobile devices. Another great benefit when playing IGT roulette tables is the availability of numerous unique and special bets that you can’t find in similar games from other software providers.

IGT Roulette Types

⌛ Legacy IGT Roulette
The legacy RNG roulette games, such as Double Bonus Spin Roulette released by IGT in 2012, offer a unique, classic and old-school gaming experience.

🆕 New IGT Roulette
IGT doesn’t have new roulette releases, yet, its latest RNG roulette tables are innovative and offer wide betting limits, among other top features.

📱 Mobile IGT Roulette
Almost all the IGT games, including many classic roulette titles, are compatible with mobile devices. They require updated iOS or Android mobile platforms.

🎡 Peak Terminal Configurations
The IGT roulette games that you can play in a peak terminal configuration offer the same excitement as their online versions, and all the side bets are also available.

🦩 Landscape Terminal Configurations
The landscape terminal configurations offer you to play IGT roulette with single, double, or triple zero sections, but in a more private atmosphere, as the terminals are slightly at an angle.

However, like every software provider, IGT also has its little setbacks. One of them is that its roulette tables are not so popular as the ones found at Microgaming casinos, for example, and it is often difficult to find an online casino with IGT roulette.

There are no live dealer roulette tables released by IGT so far, but we hope this could change in the future. If you would like to play live dealer roulette, then you should check our Pragmatic Play software review, for example. Now, let’s continue with some tips on how to find an online casino with IGT roulette games.

How to Find a Good Casino with Online Roulette by IGT?

Although they are not so many, you can find some top online casinos with RNG roulette by IGT. You can start by searching either online casinos or some of the best casino apps for roulette. Each operator has a search engine where you can directly enter the name of your favourite online roulette by IGT.

An alternative option is to filter the game portfolio of the casino by the software provider and see which are the available IGT table games. However, there are other important things to be considered, and we provided you with the five key steps in the next list.

Find recommendations of online casinos with top IGT roulette games.

Check the game portfolios and see if your favourite IGT roulette is available.

Find the full welcome bonus terms and decide if they are satisfactory.

Make the first deposit and claim a bonus that is valid on IGT table games.

Claim regular promotions and bonuses valid on IGT roulette tames.

Once you find an online casino with IGT roulette games, you can start either by playing for real money or just for fun. It is recommended to start with a free demo game if you are a beginner player. This is the best way to test popular roulette betting strategies and get used to the gameplay of the IGT roulette games. When you are ready to play with real money, then all you need is to have some luck and to remember your lucky numbers.

More RNG Roulette Games at the Online Casino Sites

This blog post about the top IGT roulette games is at the end. However, it wouldn’t be complete if we don’t recommend you some of the other top roulette games that you can find ranked and reviewed on our site. You can find RNG roulette games from other great software providers, so check them out right next.

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If you want to jazz up your gambling experience even more, then you should also read our online live dealer roulette guide. There is no doubt that playing with live dealers is the best gaming experience that you can enjoy at an online casino.

IGT Roulette Games Q&A

There are some important questions about the IGT roulette games that you should be aware of before you play for real money. For instance, you should know which is the best RNG roulette by IGT and where to find it. Find out more in the following short FAQ section.

1️⃣ What are the best IGT roulette games?

The best IGT roulette tables can be found only at a few online casinos, and they are famous for their innovative features. For instance, you can play Single, Double, or Triple Zero Roulette by IGT with numerous side bets, including neighbouring bets and hot/cold number statistics.

2️⃣ What kinds of IGT roulette games are there?

There are only a few online roulettes released by this software provider, and they are difficult to find. You can check out other characteristics of the RNG roulette by IGT in our blog post. However, IGT is an innovative game studio, and its classic roulette games are nicely complemented by IGT electronic roulette tables for land-based casino venues.

3️⃣ Can I play 3 Wheel Roulette by IGT?

Yes, you can play 3 Wheel Roulette by IGT just like any other classic RNG roulette game. However, there are some specific features in the gameplay that set this game apart from other classic roulette tables. For instance, the game offers a standard European layout, but it has three wheels and, respectively, three ‘zero’ pockets.

4️⃣ How good is an online roulette by IGT?

The advantages of an online roulette by IGT are so numerous that although this game studio doesn’t have a newly released RNG roulette, its tables are still very popular at the online casinos. Some of their greatest benefits include roulette variants with double and triple ‘zero’ sectors, as well as tables in a landscape electronic configuration.

5️⃣ Can I play the best RNG roulette by IGT?

Yes, but here are not so many online casinos that offer IGT roulette. You can check out the special topic on how to find casinos with online roulette by IGT for more details. Additionally, you can find some of the greatest IGT electronic roulette tables in land-based casino venues.

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