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Roulette Ball

Anyone looking for a roulette image of a specific roulette variation has inevitably found thousands of pictures that don’t match the search. We decided to help by gathering images of various exciting RNG roulette games available at the best online casinos. Each version has specific rules, or table or wheel layout that makes them unique. Check out the sections in this article and ease your choice of the next roulette you wish to play.

Images of the Roulette Elements

Every casino roulette image shows at least one of the roulette elements. People who had never played easily confused the different versions. Below, we listed the elements that can be found in all roulette games available online and at real casinos. After that, we will mention some differences in the games we selected to present in this article.

Similarities In All Roulette Variations

Anyone who intends to learn how to play roulette starts with the rules. The next elements are essential for the game, but they are rarely recognised because people usually pay attention only to the numbers on the table and the wheel.

Roulette Ball (Pills) & Dolly

Roulette Ball

The roulette ball is the main character in every roulette game because it is the element that shows the winning number amongst all roulette numbers. The dolly is also a distinguishable feature of the roulette table, and unlike the ball, it can have different shapes and be made of various materials.

Roulette Bets

Roulette Bets

Amongst all roulette images, the most exciting ones show players’ bets spread over the roulette table. Learn all about the roulette bets, their size, frequency, odds, and everything else before playing the big money games.


Roulette Croupier

Roulette games are impossible without a croupier also called a roulette dealer. Those dealers lead the game, spin the ball, announce the winning number, and distribute the wins to the players.

Differences in Roulette Variations

The similarities in rules are easily noticed in every roulette picture. When it comes to the differences, sometimes they are obvious, while other types of players need to read the rules to find them. Here are the main differences in the roulette games we introduce in this article:

🎡 European Roulette

🥐 French Roulette

🦅 American Roulette

✨ Triple Zero Roulette

😮 No Zero Roulette

👀 Double Ball Roulette

🔍 Mini Roulette

💯 100/1 Roulette

💎 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

🌈 Frenzy Discs: 4 Colours Roulette

♠️ Poker Roulette

☎️ Deal or No Deal Roulette

🧐 Monopoly Tycoon Roulette

🍍 Tropical Fruitsie Roulette

⚽ Liverpool Football Club Roulette

The best secure and verified online roulette sites offer many, if not all, of those games. It is interesting to know that the sentimental players take roulette images free when they make a huge win. Everyone else curious to see various roulette games into play can scroll down and see what pictures we have prepared for you.

Images of Classic Roulette Variations

We will start with the roulette table and roulette wheel images of the most popular games you can find in online casinos. Furthermore, there are also free download casino images which you can also explore.

More Great Roulette Variations

Curious readers can find more than one image of the roulette wheel in our roulette wheel guide. Everyone else who wishes to see more interesting and modern roulette versions can scroll down. The pictures show the differences in the tables, wheels, and betting options.

Triple Zero RouletteYou have seen roulette tables with one and even two zeros, but some casinos offer roulette with 000 (triple zero). Adding an extra betting number changes the roulette bets and payouts, and in some cases, completely changes the rules of the game.

Saturn Triple Zero Roulette by TCJ John HuxleyThe roulette image above is of the Saturn Triple Zero Roulette wheel by TCJ John Huxley. Depending on the customisation, the zero on the roulette wheel, the double zero, and the triple zero can stand next to each other or be spread around the wheel.
No Zero Roulette 3D Deino Web CreateSeeing multiple zeros on a roulette table image is weird, but it is far stranger when there is no zero on the wheel or table. This roulette variation is strange and fun because it changes the winning odds and, according to some players, makes the game easier.
Double Ball Roulette FeltDespite the many great images of a roulette table, people’s attention always falls on the spinning ball. The double ball roulette is one of the most interesting games at the best online roulette real money casinos and land-based locations because instead of one, the dealer spins two balls in opposite directions.
12 Number Roulette EspressoAmongst the roulette images, we discover examples of roulette games with only 12 or 16 numbers on the table and wheel. Such an example is the 12 Number Roulette by Espresso and the Mini Roulette by Playtech.
100 to 1 Roulette InspiredThe free roulette wheel images are rarely as strange as the wheel and table pictures of the 100/1 Roulette. This game is unique because the table and wheel have the numbers 0-100, instead of the standard 0-36 numbers.
100 to 1 Roulette InspiredAnother picture of a roulette wheel with numbers 0-100 is shown in the 1000 Diamond Bet roulette. The provider Playtech created this roulette variation with five betting sectors with diamonds and a chance of winning a jackpot.
Frenzy Discs Four Colours Roulette Red Rake GamingThis is not a standard casino roulette image of a high roller roulette. The Frenzy Discs: 4 Colours roulette has no standard table or wheel. Instead of numbers, there are four colours and 9 numbers a player bets on.

Mixture of Roulette & Other Games

Besides the standard roulette games and their modern variations, there are also roulette versions mixed with other games. Each of the games below is based on roulette but has specific rules. Even so, the basic roulette strategies and tips can be useful.

Roulette Images Interesting Questions

Many questions may arise while browsing for roulette images. We chose some of the most interesting questions and answered them. Each answer below has a link to a section of the article, where you can see an image of a roulette wheel or table.

*️⃣ What are roulette images?

The results after an Internet search with the phrase “roulette images” may include anything related to a roulette game like roulette table, wheel, and players having fun around the table. We gathered many interesting roulette images of different RNG roulette variations, the pills (the ball), casino chips, croupiers, and specific features of the game being played.

*️⃣ Which are the most popular roulette images?

Every person who has searched for a roulette image has seen more pictures of European, French, and Classic Roulette. That is so because those are the oldest and most popular variations of the game. It takes an eye to the detail to notice the minor differences on the table or the double zero in the American Roulette.

*️⃣ Why some roulette images are different than the rest?

The greatest dissimilarities we can find between the images are because they show specific roulette games. Take a closer look at the pictures of different roulette versions, roulette table, and roulette wheel images. This will help you see the extra zeros, side bets, specific rules of the game, and more details.

*️⃣ Which are the strangest roulette images?

Modern casinos compete by offering diverse entertainment, and that is why many of them choose to add mixes of roulette and other games to their catalogues. Checking out those strange and fun game blends always leads to discovering unique roulette wheels and roulette table images and helps players find new gambling entertainments.

*️⃣ Are there many roulette images?

There are millions of casino roulette images online, in papers and magazines, and peoples’ photo albums. We made a list of selected roulette games images that includes RNG roulette variations available by the top casinos. Use them to learn the rules better or to choose the next game you will try.

*️⃣ What are the common elements in roulette images?

Even though the pictures show different games, gambling locations, and players, there are many similarities in roulette images. The most recognisable are the roulette table, wheel, ball, and even the dolly. The croupier is also present in many pictures because it is an essential part of the game.

*️⃣ Are there roulette images in different languages?

The labels on a roulette image can be in different languages as a convenience to the players of a certain country. Those roulette tables are custom-made, which is why they are not so popular. The only exception is the French Roulette table, which is always in French to keep the centuries-old tradition.

*️⃣ Why are there so many zeros on the roulette images?

Some of the roulette wheel images have a shocking number of zeros. Such an example is the triple zero roulette images, where we can see zero, double zero, and triple zero sectors on the wheel and on the table. The triple zero roulette is interesting to play, gaining popularity online and at brick-and-mortar casinos.

*️⃣ Why poker and roulette images appear together after the search?

One reason is the mixed game of poker and roulette called Poker Roulette. The wheel and roulette table image shows that the numbers are replaced by playing cards players can wager on. Alternatively, roulette and poker are labelled as casino games, which is why the browser shows them together.

*️⃣ Are there roulette images without a roulette wheel or table?

There is more than one casino roulette image showing games based on the roulette mechanics principal without the typical roulette elements like the wheel, table, or ball. Such notable examples are the Tropical Fruitsie Roulette and Liverpool Football Club Roulette. There, the standard elements are replaced by fruits or football players.

Author: William Hall