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Warframe Space Battle

Our article is perfect for anyone who wonders, “how do I get more Warframe slots”. This is the main question we will answer in the following paragraphs. Below, you can see the main sections of the article and choose which one to read first. We recommend reading line by line and don’t skip the Q&A section at the end.

What is Warframe?

If you have never heard of this game, then we will tell you that in Warframe, you are a space ninja. The great Tenno warriors, masters of the Warframe armour, and survivors of the old war are needed once more to defeat Grineer’s vast armies. Being one of the Tenno, you are guided by the Lotus in mastering your Warframe and unlocking your unlimited power. Here are the main details of Warfra

🎮 Game

🌟 Provider
Digital Extremes

🎬 Directors
Steve Sinclair, Scott McGregor

💰 Producers
Dave Kudirka, Pat Kudirka

📐 Designers
Ben Edney, Mitch Gladney, Joey Adey, Jonathan Gogul

🖱️ Programmers
James Silvia-Rogers, Glen Miner

✍️ Writers
Cam Rogers

🎨 Artists
Michael Brennan, Ron Davey, Matt Tremblay, Geoff Crookes

🎶 Composers
Keith Power, George Spanos

🎂 Release Date
June 2012

🎭 Genre
Action-Role Playing, Third-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi RPG

🖥️ Platforms
All Platforms (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S)

😶 Mode
Single-Player, Multiplayer, Online Only

🗣️ Languages
14 Languages (English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more)

🛍️ Purchase
Game Market with Real Money Purchases

🤖 Good Guys
Tenno Warriors

😈 Bad Guys
Grineer’s Factions (Corpus, Grineer, Infested, Sentient)

💫 Game Currency
Credits, Endo, Platinum

Beginner players choose to join Tenno or the Grineer’s Factions (Corpus, Grineer, Infested, or Sentient). Choosing a warframe might be challenging because there are 48 warframes and 35 Prime warframes. Each option is a suit of armour with unique abilities and free Warframe slots. It is recommendable to start with one of the three main warframes (like Excalibur, Mag, or Volt) and gain the rest later.

Warframe Space Battle

After selecting the initial armour, players can follow the main storyline and take side quests through the Origin System. Leveling up the Mastery Rank affects everything else about the character. The higher you go, the better fighter you become, and with this, you can get better rewards (mods, rivens, weapons, and items). Depending on the level, players can enhance gear and weapons or build a unique warframe armour. Your Warframe ship Liset is another cool thing in this game. This vessel not only takes you to the destination but also has sections for the Arsenal, Market and more.

Players can upgrade or create new armours and equipment for personal use or sell them. There is also a difference in the Warframe free slots number per frame and as a reward.

Latest Expansions: Angels of the Zariman & The New War

Warframe is one of the constantly growing and improving games. The latest expansions in the Warframe universe are Angels of the Zariman and the New War. Below, you can see a trailer of the Angels of the Zariman official Warframe YouTube channel. The expansion will be available for free on all platforms on 27th April 2022.

Those who can’t wait can try Warframe’s The New War, which is the largest cinematic expansion of the game so far. In the Warframe slots free play, you can find brand new warframes and new customisations to the old armours and weapons. The ninja combat is improved, and players can quickly grow in rank. There are improvements in the team play and many other aspects.

By the end of 2022, there will be even more upgrades and fixes. Players can read all about the future expansions and improvements in the “News” section of

What Can I Buy in Warframe?

Garuda Warframe

Players who are used to the best FPS games know that the best features, modes, and equipment usually have to be bought. With Warframe, there is no need to take your wallet because everything in Warframe is free and can be gained via levelling up or trading. Warframe cross-platform play allows all players to download and play for free all the time.

If you like trade, you should know that Credits, Endo, and Platinum are the Warframe game currencies. They can be gained by selling sculptures, items, weapons, rivins, and other equipment. Players who wish to advance extremely fast can purchase Platinum from the game’s store via the available payment methods. After that, Platinum can be used to buy everything inside the game.

How to Get Free Warframe Slots?

Warframe Weapons Slots

We mentioned that every warframe armour has unique properties. This means that there are differences in the abilities, weaponry, and number of slots in the Inventory. Since many players prefer to carry the entire equipment and mission prizes with themselves, they need more storage space. Here are a few ways to get more Warframe free frame slots:

🏪 Clean Up Inventory: Warframe slots free spaces can be acquired by removing items from Inventory (weapons, mods, blueprints, and everything else). This happens when you sell items and use the materials to create or increase weapons and warframe’s powers.

🌌 Missions: the free slots can be gained as part of quest rewards or Void Relics. Every quest weapon brings a free slot to hold it, and the slot remains even after you sell the weapon.

👾 Level Up: every time a player levels up is awarded with a sweet bundle of prizes. For example, when you level up in the Nightwave Acts, you can gain Warframe slots and free weapons. Ravin Modes are also unique, and every higher level can increase the number of free slots.

Booster Packs: collected for free during the game.

🎂 Warframe’s Birthday: every year, players receive presents for the game’s birthday. It s possible that your present contains extra free slots to hold the weapons part of the present.

🎁 Warframe Trial Versions: testing a trial on Free Prime with Twitch Prime.

The greatest news is that there is no limit on the free slots a player can have. Players who don’t want to gain free slots through the listed methods above can always buy any type of Warframe slots with Platinum. If this information is not enough, there is a special section on the game’s forum where you can find answers to the question Warframe “how to free up weapons slots”.

Free Online Games Similar to Warframe

We have a special article where you can find the 10 best PS4 games, but if you are looking for free online games like Warframe, this section of the article is for you. Many options deserve your attention, but we selected three space-themed third-person shooter RPG games below.


Anthem Online GameAnthem is a space war-themed game where players can fight colossal bests, various creatures, and monsters. There are 4 classes to choose from (Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor), and each of them has incredible Javelin exosuits. Join the Freelancers fraction and help humankind by exploring worlds, taking part in missions, or charging strongholds.

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2The Titanfall 2 by Respawn Entertainment is a sequel to Titanfall. Here, players operate a Titan suit and fight with amazing weapons. The missions and storyline offer enough chances to show your character’s skills and abilities. Titanfall 2 has a single-player and multiplayer option.

Star Wars

Star WarsThere is no need to introduce the Star Wars: The Old Republic. This online RPG game was created by BioWare, and EA is part of the Star Wars franchise created by Lucasfilm. The new expansion Legacy of the Syth is already out, but players can enjoy every storyline created so far as a Syth, a Jedi, or both.

All games listed above have free registration and free online play option. Of course, players who wish to have the top equipment or advance fast can make in-game purchases. This is unnecessary because the storyline missions and side quests grant more than enough opportunities for levelling up and dropping great rewards.

Free Online Slots Similar to Warframe

It is hard to believe that we can make a parallel between online third-person shooter games like Warframe and online slot machines. We will surprise you by saying that there are many slot machines with space, alien, or space war themes in the casinos we picked for you:

All those operators match the requirements of a reliable and trustworthy online casino. In case this is the first time you will play online slots, reading our real money slots guide might be useful. With this being said, move to the next section, where you will find the selected slots.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Skywind’s Star Trek: The Next Generation slot gives players a chance to spin the reels and see USS Enterprise flying through space. You can also try other excellent games based on popular TV shows and movies, including IGT slots like Star Trek.

Among these slots based on the same franchise, you can enjoy titles such as Star Trek: Against All Odds, or WMS’s Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribbles, Star Trek: Explore New Worlds, and Star Trek: Red Alert, so you have options, if you wish to enjoy the franchise through slots.

3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

The 3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox slot by Reflex Gaming is where chasing bad guys brings cash. The RTP is 96% percent, and players have the option to enjoy the random Wild Reel feature.

Players spin the 8×8 reels and collect bounty rewards. Here, symbols can turn into gigablox of 5×5 tiles and increase the prizes. 3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox is an enjoyable slot, with multipliers and other features that would surely be enjoyed by anyone who is looking for a sci-fi themed slot.

Battlemech Mars

Battlemech Mars

The Battlemech Mars slot by Maveric Slots has 243 win ways, 95.18% RTP, 5×3 grid, animated elements, and cascading reels. Major Maria Lang uses her new Battlemech to shoot at the winning lines.

The slot has free spins, Battlemech Expanding Wild, and a Level Up special feature. If those titles teased your taste for slots, then check out our free online slots you can play for fun.

Free Warframe Slots Important Questions

This article described the different ways to get extra free Warframe slots. We will answer some important and interesting questions about Warframe and similar online RPG games and online casino slot machines.

*️⃣ Does Warframe have free slots?

Like everything else in Warframe, players can get many free Warframe slots for frames, items, weapons, and the rest of the Inventory sections. We listed how you can get them, and the great news is that they are all for free. If you are wondering what is Warframe, then follow the link, and we will answer all your questions.

*️⃣ How to get free Warframe slots?

There are many ways to get Warframe free slots. Players can start their Warframe experience with more available slots by choosing certain frames. Alternatively, they can expand the slots by winning mission rewards, selling Inventory items, etc. Anyone who is in a hurry to advance always has the option to purchase free slots with Platinum.

*️⃣ Are there other free online games like Warframe?

Gaining Inventory Warframe slots for free in mission rewards is one of the best things about this online game. We took it as a point of reference and mandatory requirements for the search of games similar to Warframe. We came up with a few suggestions you can find in this article.

*️⃣ Are there free online slots like Warframe?

Many excellent online slot machines have star exploration, galactic war, and space themes. We check the available titles at the best online casinos and selected few online slots for Warframe players. They are similar to Warframe in characters and theme and can also be found for free play.

*️⃣ Where can I play free online slots similar to Warframe?

The Warframe “how to free up weapons slots” is not the only question we answered in this article. We also gave you the names of a few free to play games like Warframe. We also added a list of online slots perfect for Warframe fans, and the top online casinos available for free or real money.

*️⃣ Are there extra free Warframe slots in the latest expansions?

Each of the Warframe expansions has amazing opportunities for gaining Warframe free slots for weapons, frames, and everything else in the Inventory. The latest expansions Angels of the Zariman and The New War allow players to win mission rewards with weapons and extra free slots.

*️⃣ Can I buy Warframe slots?

In our article, we described ways how to get free Warframe slots. If that seems too slow for you, then you can always buy Warframe slots. With Platinum, players can purchase unlimited slots for weapons, warframes, items, and every other Inventory category. Explore this option in the game’s market or try to gain free slots.

*️⃣ Which is players’ top-rated space-themed free slot like Warframe?

There are many excellent free online slot machines with space or sci-fi themes. An excellent example are Star Trek: The Next Generation, where players join Captain Picard and his crew while they “boldly go where no one has gone before”. The rest of the Star Trek slots also offer amazing entertainment to all Treckies.

*️⃣ Does Warframe have a rival?

All RPGs, FPS, TPS, and other online games have something unique and entertaining. One of the greatest competitions to Warframe in regards to free play and free options is Star Wars: The Old Republic. The characters’ classes have unique abilities with lots of free Inventory slots, and the entire game can be played for free.

Author: William Hall