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History of the Casino Chips

You can use the next links to find more details about the specific types of online casino chips. Yet, it is recommended to stick with us to the end and read the entire blog post. We included useful links to casino rewards with free chips in the form of deposit match bonuses, free spins, and even no-deposit bonuses. There are many things to learn about gambling chips, which are also known as jetons, tokens, checks, or simply coins, so stay tuned!

List of the Top 5 Online Casinos with Gambling Chips

🃏 JackpotCity (Top Site with Free Gambling Chips for Poker)

🏆 Unibet (Best Online Tournaments with Poker Chips)

⭐ 22Bet (Great Game Contribution and Chips Gambling)

🎡 NetBet (Top-Rated Casino Chips on Live Roulette)

🎆 mFortune (Best RNG Blackjack with Gambling Chips)

Casino Chip History

History of the Casino Chips
One less popular thing about chips for gambling is their historical background. Many players prefer to play with casino chips, yet, they are not aware of the historical legacy of the chips. Interestingly, the first antique gambling chips originated in the middle of the 18th century and were used on the French card game Quadrille, as a method to keep track of the score.

The modern casino chip history includes various important moments. For example, players used various small objects as poker chips in the early 19th century. Only a century later, the antique gambling chips started to be produced professionally and with a much more unified shape and size. Initially, there were only clay composite chips. However, gambling chips soon appeared from a wide variety of materials, such as metal, ceramics, and injection-moulded plastic chips.

Different Types of Casino Gambling Chips

You can buy gambling chips at the casino cashier. Each casino has its specific requirements for the gambling chips value and design. You can find everything from free casino chips to gambling chips valued at as high as $5000 or even more.

There are also online casino chips that you can get at the registration of a new account and that are valid for certain video slots, for example. Check out the next list with the most popular types of chips for gambling online, and a top recommended casino where you can use them:

As you can see, the most common games for which you can buy chips for gambling include classic table games – roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Often, the chips for one type of game are not compatible with another type of game, but you should confirm that with the casino cashier. The colours of some chips for gambling might be different for every game. There are many interesting facts to discuss the gambling chips, and the focus of this blog post will be on online casino chips. The next topic includes a short guide on how to use them when playing online.

How to Buy Gambling Chips Online?

You can buy gambling chips online directly by placing a bet on your favourite RNG or live dealer blackjack game, for example. You can see the visualisation of the chips on the main game menu, which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. Please check out the gambling chip value in advance and organise your bets accordingly. Here are a few easy steps on how to do it when playing online:

Create a new account at an online casino.

Make your first deposit at the casino cashier.

Go to the live dealer casino and choose a table.

Buy gambling chips by placing a bet on the table.

After the round, buy more gambling chips for new bets.

You can choose from different gambling chips colours and values. Typically, the gambling chips value is stated on the facing side, and it is in the same ratio as your deposited real money amount. You can buy chips for gambling automatically by placing a bet on roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Some live dealer game shows and other live games also feature tokens that look like chips. In the next sections, we will discuss the different types of online casino chips in more detail.

How to Use Gambling Chips at Different Casino Sites?

Using Casino Chips on Gambling Games

The greatest advantage of online casinos is that you can buy gambling chips automatically by placing a bet. This is the main way to place a bet on your favourite game, and as long as you do a few rounds, you should get used to the different colours and markings of the chips. Casinos also use gambling chips because it is easier for beginners to place a bet and start playing the game. Find out more details in the following paragraphs, where we will also provide you with some top recommendations for online casinos with gambling chips of each type.

Gambling Chips for Blackjack – Top Five Online Blackjack Casinos

There are two types of online blackjack – games that are based on RNG mechanics and those where the cards are dealt by a live dealer. Nowadays, some innovative variants offer both types of blackjack at once, such as the First Person Blackjack tables by Evolution. Either way, your gambling chips are placed in the centre of the hand and depending on how many hands you bet on, you can see the stack of your chips spread evenly on the table. Here are five of the best live dealer casinos for playing with blackjack chips:

Blackjack Casino
Blackjack Bonus
Secure Link

1. PlayOJO
50 Spins No Wagering

Top Live Dealer Providers

Great Mobile Promotions

No Wagering Bonuses

5 ★ out of 5

2. JackpotCity
€16000 Welcome Bonus

Chips Valid on Blackjack

Great RNG Tables

Fast Mobile Billing

5 ★ out of 5

3. Unibet
€100 On First Deposit

Diverse RNG Games

Top Game Contribution

High Roller Poker Chips

4.9 ★ out of 5

4. 22Bet
€300 Welcome Bonus

Top RNG Blackjack

Great Software Platforms

Live Mobile Blackjack

4.8 ★ out of 5

5. mFortune
£100 + £10 No Deposit Bonus

10% Blackjack Contribution

No Deposit Bonus

Top Payment Methods

4.8 ★ out of 5

In contrast to the antique gambling chips, you can see the current state of your bet by adding new chips to each hand. Respectively, if you choose to split, your chips also spread evenly between both hands. At the end of the blackjack round, your winning hands receive more gambling chips, while the chips for the losing hands go to the dealer. Check out if a blackjack online casino offers a bonus that is valid for wagering on live and/or RNG blackjack because you can play with a bonus on top of your blackjack chips as well. Fortunately, we selected online casinos with such bonuses valid on blackjack.

Casino Chips for Roulette – Top Online Casino Bonuses for Roulette

When playing online roulette, you can see the selection of different gambling chips usually at the bottom of your screen. To place a bet, you select the desired gambling chip value and click on the exact pocket on the table (or racetrack section) where you want to place a bet. Your casino chips go automatically on that selection, and after the end of the round, you are offered various options, such as repeating your bet with the same chips or doubling up your chips. Here are the top online casinos at which you can play with roulette chips.

Roulette Casino
Roulette Bonus
Secure Link

1. JackpotCity
€1600 Welcome Bonus

Pragmatic Play Live Games

Top Live Mobile Bonuses

Chips for Live Game Shows

5 ★ out of 5

2. 22Bet
€300 Welcome Bonus

Quantum Live Roulette

Top Playtech RNG Roulette

Great Game Contribution

5 ★ out of 5

3. mFortune
£100 + £10 No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus

Low Wagering Requirement

Diverse Roulette Categories

4.9 ★ out of 5

4. Unibet
€100 On First Deposit

High Roller Live Roulette

Wide Betting Limits

Top Payment Methods

4.9 ★ out of 5

5. Grosvenor
£20 + £10 Game Bonus

Game Specific Bonuses

Popular Roulette Tables

High Gambling Chips Value

4.9 ★ out of 5

Depending on the specific table at the roulette online casino, you can see various unique options, such as undoing your bet selection or making a special outside bet. The best live dealer online casinos offer another unique option to keep track of your betting history. It would help you follow the expense of your roulette chips for a certain period, which along with the analytics of hot/cold numbers, could improve your odds of winning. It is also recommended to try an online roulette strategy.

Poker Chips – Best Online Poker Sites

As poker is considered a game of skill rather than a game of luck, and even in some cases as a sport, the role of its gambling chips is a little bit more special. Firstly, you can use the poker chips for many purposes other than just as a way of placing a bet.

Secondly, the live tables feature poker chips that offer you to play very high stakes. Last but not least, you can get some free gambling chips for online poker at some casinos that offer it as a part of their welcome bonus package. Here are some of the best online poker sites where you can use poker chips:

You should also know the basics of how to play poker with chips and also how to use them to your advantage when playing in a land-based casino. They make a specific sound that could speak for your attitude and current situation. So, if you can control that, you can use your poker chips to improve your odds of winning either by bluffing or not. Some casinos also offer tournaments with specific poker chips. The gambling chips colours are different, as well as their value.

Top Operators with Free Gambling Chips Online

When it comes down to free gambling chips with which you can play online, it is enough to find an online casino that offers a free bonus. This means a bonus with a very low wagering requirement, also known as 0x playthrough. Check out the next table with online casinos and bonuses with such wagering requirements:

You can use your free bonus as free casino chips to play a wide variety of games. However, please note that the sum of these bonuses is very small. Sometimes, the free gambling chips are part of a much greater bonus package, and the 0x wagering requirement is valid only on the free bonus. That’s why it is important to read the full bonus policy before you claim a bonus with free casino chips.

Best Mobile Casino Apps to Buy Gambling Chips on the Go

This is the last category of casinos with gambling chips that we could highly recommend. The best thing is that you can buy chips for gambling for your favourite game, deposit, bet, and everything else, while you are on the go. The top online casino apps are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, and they offer a superb mobile gaming experience. Here are our top five casino app recommendations.

The visualisations of the casino chips are optimised for mobile devices, which means larger symbols that are easier to select by touching your smartphone’s screen, for example. You can also take advantage of almost the same number and variety of RNG and live dealer games with gambling chips that you can enjoy at the original desktop versions of the casinos. So, choose your favourite casino app and buy gambling chips on the go.

Interesting Facts About Gambling Chips

Did you know that when playing at a land-based casino, you can exchange your casino chips with the live dealers, but if you want to transform them into cash, you can do it only at the cashier? This is only one of the many interesting facts about the gambling chips that you can find at an online or a land-based casino. Find out the most interesting facts about casino chips in the following list:

There are more than 1000 variants of poker chips.

Tokens were first used in 1752 in the French Quadrille game.

The first poker chips included gold coins, gold nuggets, and gold dust.

Standard casino chips are made from clay and weigh up to 16g.

The printed side of the gambling chips is covered with plastic film.

There are also casino chips made from ceramics, plastic, or resin.

The gambling chips colours are a symbol of their value.

The specs of the gambling chips are regulated by gaming control boards.

The casino chips feature many security features, such as UV markings.

This list could be completed with a wide variety of other facts and interesting details about the casino chips, so it would never be complete. For instance, did you know that poker chips are also collectables? Many professional players collect poker chips as a hobby, and there is a special grading system for casino chips collecting. If the poker chips are more preserved, shiny and with a higher gambling chips value, then they are worth more. This blog is at the end, but we prepared a nice FAQ section for you as well.

Gambling Chips – FAQ

If you want to find out more details about the gambling chips that you can use online or in a land-based casino, please read the following questions and answers. This short FAQ section about casino chips will help you to find the answers to your questions, while for more details, please check out the full blog post.

1️⃣ How much is a gambling chip worth?

The gambling chips’ value is determined by their colour, shape, and size. Also, each casino chip has a nominal value that is clearly stated on its printed side. If you play online at the best casino sites that accept gambling chips, then the value of the chip is equal to the currency with which you are playing.

2️⃣ What is the highest gambling chips value?

The gambling chips value is different for every casino game. For instance, the brown poker chips usually have the highest value of $5000, but you can find unique poker plaques with much higher values that are used exclusively on high-limit poker tables. Typically, the top online casinos with blackjack chips offer up to $100 per chip.

3️⃣ How to play poker with chips?

The poker chips at online casinos offer you the chance to play at live dealer or RNG tables, as well as to participate in poker tournaments. You can organise your poker chips by value and colour, and then place a bet. These options are visualised as icons on the main game menu.

4️⃣ What are the highest value gambling chips colours?

If you play at an online casino with roulette chips, you can find different colours from red to yellow. Each of them has a different value that depends on the specific roulette table and casino operator. However, the highest gambling chips value is known to be for the brown poker chips that are worth up to $5000 each.

5️⃣ Are there free gambling chips?

Yes, there are only a few online casinos with free gambling chips that you can claim from their welcome bonuses. Usually, these free chips can be used as a no deposit or a no wagering bonus. There are also poker sites that offer free gambling chips as a special promotion for poker tournaments.

6️⃣ Can I buy gambling chips from a mobile device?

Yes, the top mobile apps for playing with casino chips are compatible with a wide variety of iOS and Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets. You can buy gambling chips quickly and easily when playing on the go, and you can use them on a wide variety of live mobile games.

7️⃣ What do the gambling chips colours mean?

The different gambling chips colours show how much they are worth. For instance, the most common poker chips are green and they worth only $25 each, while the most expensive ones are brown poker chips that can get up to $5000 apiece. Find out other interesting facts about the gambling chips in the full blog post.

Author: William Hall