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European Roulette Demo Game

We are great admirers of the work NetEnt puts in creating mesmerising online gambling products. Their games stand out with top-notch graphic designs, clear background sounds, interesting features and high RTPs. If you agree with us, we recommend you check out our detailed NetEnt casino list for 2022.

List of the Best NetEnt Casino Roulette Games for 2022

Best NetEnt Casino Roulette by Category

So far, we have mentioned which the top roulette NetEnt games according to our opinion are. However, some games are more suited for particular categories than others. Therefore, we have created a table which outlines the top NetEnt casino roulette variations by category:

If you have already made up your mind about which game you wish to try out, it is now time to find secure NetEnt roulette casinos and place your deposit. We want to assist you with that endeavour and provide a list of the best online roulette sites in the UK. All our suggested operators have been licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, as safety is our number one priority.

European Roulette – 97.30% RTP

Our first suggestion for a NetEnt casino roulette game is their European Roulette, with an RTP of 97.30%. The game’s design is highly intuitive and offers voice announcements and a dynamic billboard. It is quite easy to get to grips with the rules of this variation, and therefore it is one of our all-time favourites.

To see how playing this roulette would make you feel, we urge you to take advantage of the European Roulette demo version we have provided below:

European Roulette Demo Game

Instant play

The number of pockets in this NetEnt game is 37, much like a real-world casino table. The delightful green felt of European Roulette is accompanied by ambient music played in the background. You can see your bet options on a large payout table on the side of the wheel. If you wish to change your bet, simply use the buttons on the base of the racetrack.

There is a total of 5 types of outside and inside bets you can make on this game, and each of them offers different chances of winning. The minimum bet you can make is £1, and the maximum is £500.

American Roulette – 94.74%

American Roulette is one of the most beloved and popular variations worldwide. The sole difference between this game and the European variation is the presence of a double zero in American. There is a Clear button in the middle of the screen, which enables you to undo any bets you have placed. To get a better idea of what this game looks like, try the free demo below:

American Roulette Demo Game

Instant play

The bet limits resemble the European Roulette ones of £1 – £500. This variation has a modern graphic design and a smooth soundtrack. Unfortunately, it has a slightly lower RTP than the rest of the games due to the double zero feature. Like all the rest of the NetEnt roulette games, this one is also fully optimised for the mobile screen.

Roulette Advanced – 97.30%

The next suggestion we have for our readers is another iconic NetEnt creation – Roulette Advanced. It has a great design, all bet types are allowed, and there are significantly broader bet limits. The smallest bet you can make is £0.10, and the biggest is £2000.

This makes the game suitable for both high rollers and low rollers. To try out another NetEnt roulette demo, use the link below and play Roulette Advance for free:

Roulette Advanced Demo Game

The game has soothing background music and numerous special features, like hot and cold numbers, saved and called bets, fast play, auto play, etc. The diagonal position of the betting table provides players with a better view. It is a single zero roulette variation and therefore has a higher RTP of 97.30%. To learn more about this game, check out our dedicated Roulette Advanced review.

French Roulette – 97.30%

When talking about low-house edge roulette games, the French variation is the first to come to mind. NetEnt has created a masterpiece with a high RTP, classic theme, modern graphics and a great soundtrack. When playing French Roulette, the minimum bet you can make is £1 and the maximum – £500. Try out the game for free using the demo below:

French Roulette Demo Game

Instant play

There are several types of bets with this roulette variation, including straight up, street bet and split bet. One of the distinguishing characteristics of French Roulette is La Partage, which enables you to receive some of your money back by bringing the house edge down to 1.35%. The other special bet is En Prison, which is similar to La Partage but works only on even money bets.

Mini Roulette – 96.15%

Mini Roulette is another reputable game by the top-quality provider NetEnt. As a rule, mini roulette games offer fewer numbers to bet on. The game rules follow those of European Roulette, but the number of pockets is reduced to 13. The bet limits are again £1 – £500.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is played according to the standard rules and featured bets like straight ups, splits, columns, Red/Black, Odd/Even. The RTP of the game is slightly lower than other variations but is still decent enough due to the single zero.

We highly recommend this variation for beginners as there is nothing confusing about the layout and rules of the game. If you are a newbie yourself, we recommend getting to grips with some of the tips for playing roulette online.

Roulette Pro – 97.3%

If you are an experienced roulette player, you are probably looking for a more refined edition suitable for higher bets. Look no further as the Roulette Professional Series of NetEnt offers everything you might be dreaming of. With a maximum bet of £65,000, a modern design and multiple special features, this game is something you should try out.

Roulette Pro

Instant play

The bets you can place are divided into 4 categories – Low, Standard, High, and VIP. What makes this variant unique is the variety of features it offers. There are over 35 special bets, including Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Vousins du zero and Orphelin Plein. You can also see a statistics section in the bottom left corner of the screen featuring all the hot and cold numbers. To learn more about this game, check out our special Roulette Pro review.

Roulette Advanced VIP Limit – 97.30%

Our next suggestion is a spin-off of one of the already mentioned NetEnt casino roulette games – Roulette Advanced. However, this variant is suitable for high rollers hence the second part of the title – VIP Limit. The minimum bet you can place is £10, and the maximum one is £5000. To get a better feeling of the character, Roulette Advanced VIP has, click on the free demo game below:

Roulette Advanced VIP Limit

Many of the most reputable NetEnt roulette casinos offer this game in their catalogues. Like the other featured games, this one also has excellent graphics, a soothing background sound and multiple special bets and features. If you are in a hurry, go ahead and use the Quick Spin button situated in the middle of the screen. You can also take advantage of the Rebet function, allowing you to place the same bet as last time with a simple click.

Roulette Touch – 97.30%

Our next suggestion is Roulette Touch – a fantastic NetEnt creation following the standard roulette rules and layout. There are 36 numbers you can bet on and a single zero. There are inside and outside bets, together with red/black or even/uneven. The game interface is user-friendly and perfect for all screen sizes.

Roulette Touch

The bet limits of the game are the standard £1 – £500. The title is suitable for players of all levels due to its straightforward rules and gameplay. The layout is more simplistic than some of the other NetEnt roulette games, and if that is a setback for you, feel free to check out the other titles here.

French Roulette VIP Limit – 97.3%

One of our last suggestions is an alternative to the popular NetEnt French Roulette. This variant is designed for high rollers looking to bet large amounts of money online. The minimum bet you can make at French Roulette VIP Limit is £0.1, and the maximum is £5000.

French Roulette VIP Limit

When it comes to the unique features of this variation, they are no different from the regular French Roulette. You can take advantage of the La Partage and En Prison bets with this game as well. For example, with the straight-up bet, the payout for a single chip will be multiplied by 35, thus earning you 36 chips. The game is also available on all mobile and desktop devices.

Roulette Pro Low Limit – 97.3%

Our last recommendation is the perfect choice for advanced roulette players who are seeking to bet low. Just because you are a pro player does not mean you wish to bet large sums, and this game is designed specifically for such cases. The minimum bet is £0.1, and the maximum is £50.

Roulette Pro Low Limit

As you can see, the game has all the perks of the original Roulette Professional Series but with lower bets. There are still 37 pockets, a single zero, hot and cold numbers and other special features like Les Vousins du zero and Orphelin Plein. The game can also be played on all mobile devices, with its quality remaining impeccable.

Conclusion – Which is the Best NetEnt Roulette Game?

To wrap up this NetEnt casino roulette review, we will say one thing – whichever variant you choose, you cannot get it wrong. This provider is a magician in the field of software development, and all its creations have clear graphics, modern designs, soothing soundtracks, amazing special features and various bet sizes.

Of course, some games are better equipped for beginners, whilst others are suggested for advanced players, and we have mentioned which they are in this review. If you are a fan of the provider, consider checking out our review of the top NetEnt blackjack games.


We sincerely hope this NetEnt roulette review has given you all the information you need. If, however, you are still unsure of some details, we urge you to check out the following section. We have outlined some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic and have provided detailed answers.

1️⃣ Which are the top NetEnt roulette variations?

In this review, we have provided a list of the top 10 NetEnt roulette variations. All the games have reasonable bet limits, decent RTPs and an array of great features. Among the selected titles are European Roulette, Roulette Touch, Mini Roulette, Roulette Pro, etc. To try them out for real money, choose one of the licensed Netent roulette casinos.

2️⃣ Which NetEnt roulette has a low house edge?

We have divided the NetEnt roulettes by category, so you can easily find the game best suited for your preferences. When it comes to roulette titles with a low house edge, French Roulette will have to be our number one choice. Its theoretical RTP is 97.30% and is a single zero game, making it more reliable.

3️⃣ Which of the NetEnt roulette games is suitable for low stakes players?

The game that we regard as the most suitable for experienced low stakes players is Roulette Pro Low Limit. Its minimum bet is £0.1, and the maximum is £50. Furthermore, it has all the original Roulette Professional Series features, making it the perfect fit for advanced players with a tendency to bet low.

4️⃣ Which NetEnt casino roulette is appropriate for beginners?

The NetEnt roulette game, which is most suitable for newbies is Mini Roulette. It has e reduced number of pockets and straightforward gameplay rules with a single zero. Its bet limits are also appropriate for inexperienced players who are looking to place a smaller bet.

5️⃣ Are the NetEnt roulette games rigged?

No! In our personal opinion NetEnt roulette games are one of the most refined RNG table games you can find in the online gambling sector. They have fair RTPs, great graphics and most importantly, their RNG mechanisms have been tested for fairness by third party organisations.

Author: William Hall