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Live Roulette Croupier Spinning the Roulette Wheel

This blog post is all about the best live dealer roulette experience, and we will focus on various important moments when picking live tables with croupiers. For instance, we will tell you more details about the different types of roulette dealers, including some appealing options to play roulette without a dealer. You will also find a list of interesting roulette dealer tips that you need to know before playing for real money. So, let’s get started.

The Most Popular Roulette Dealer Types

The most typical way to play with a roulette croupier is to go to a casino. There, the live dealer roulette tables offer a classical gambling experience that one can imagine when we talk about roulette in a high roller Vegas casino, or Macau, for example.

On the other hand, you can play roulette live dealer games at the best roulette casino sites as well. They offer state-of-the-art live dealer roulette tables that can be compared to those in Vegas, thanks to the professional live dealers and the advanced online table features.

There are so many variations of live online tables that you can even find games without a roulette croupier, such as Auto Roulette La Partage by Evolution. We will tell you all about it later in the blog post, and now, here is an overview of the three main options to play with a roulette dealer.

Each live roulette dealer game has its pros and setbacks, and that’s why there are so many options to choose from. There is a perfect roulette online with a live dealer for every player’s taste. The land-based casinos are more specialised in high roller gaming, so they are recommended to experienced players who know at least the basic rules of roulette, and that already have a favourite table layout. Let’s continue with a little bit more insight on the latter type of roulette dealers.

Live Dealer Roulette Croupier

There is no doubt that roulette is one of the most popular casino games, as it originated in the early 18th century. Nowadays, it is played at almost every land-based casino, and it is one of these tables with a live dealer that offers some of the highest betting limits in a casino.

Live Roulette Croupier Spinning the Roulette Wheel

You can find a wide variety of tables with a roulette croupier. The two main types differ by the zero on the roulette wheel – American (two ‘0’ sectors) and European (one ‘0’ sector). There is another very popular live dealer roulette, which is also known as the French type of the game. These are the most typical versions of tables at which you can find a roulette dealer in a land-based casino.

The roulette croupier usually stands by the table and is responsible for leading the gameplay. He or she takes charge of the table by working with inspectors, players, the betting table, and the wheel, among other main professional roulette croupier activities. Undoubtedly, this is also a great occasion for the dealer to make friends with the players while managing and enjoying the roulette session.

Croupier at Live Dealer Roulette Online

Of course, you can also play live roulette dealer games online, and the experience is just about the same as in a land-based casino. The main difference is that you can play from the comfort of your home or everywhere when you are on the go. The online casinos have mobile apps, and their roulette games offer the most modern gambling experience.

You can play either live dealer roulette at online casinos or their RNG-based variants, and all the games are released by top game studios. Examples include First Person Roulette by Evolution or Age of the Gods Roulette by Playtech, among others. See the reviews of more online roulette with a dealer, either a virtual (RNG) or a real (broadcasted) live dealer, in the next instalment.

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Nowadays, the roulette software developers make their games compatible with modern smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. For instance, Instant Roulette by Evolution is one of the best online tables that you can play in your mobile casino app. This and many other live dealer tables have a roulette croupier who is broadcasted live from world-renowned casinos.

The atmosphere of the game can easily make you forget that you are paying online in a mobile roulette app. The roulette dealer acts almost the same way as they would if you were in a land-based casino. You can talk to the roulette croupier via live chat and watch the table from several camera angles and viewpoints.

Home Party Roulette Dealer by Invitation

The next option to enjoy a gaming session with a roulette dealer is to hire one. If you plan to organise the perfect casino night party at home, you should also consider hiring a professional roulette croupier.

Their responsibilities are almost the same as in a land-based casino, but the environment is much friendlier and less formal. There are also many options for roulette party table rentals that can help you out in the organisation of the best casino party night with your friends.

As you can see from the video, you can expect a much friendlier attitude from the roulette dealer, while the gaming equipment would not be as professional as in a real casino. The roulette wheel and the betting table could be smaller, yet they provide all the functionalities and features of the real casino game of roulette.

What Does a Professional Roulette Dealer Do?

According to the definition of a croupier on Wikipedia, a professional roulette dealer should be employed by the casino and be appointed to a gambling table to assist players and oversee the development of a game. These are only a few of the main roles of a roulette dealer.

They could also use different roulette dealer tricks to entertain the players and observe the entire gameplay. Check out the next table with more explanations and details of the roles of a professional roulette croupier.

Roulette Dealer Roles
More Details

📋 Gives Table Information
The roulette dealer in a casino assists players by providing general information and roulette help when required.

🎡 Spins the Wheel
The live roulette croupier launches the ball upon spinning the wheel when the roulette wheel does not rotate automatically.

📢 Makes Announcements
The roulette croupier has different duties related to table announcements, such as ‘No More Bets’, etc.

⌛ Distributes Bets and Payouts
The roulette dealer places the chips on the roulette table if required by the players and distributes the winnings.

💸 Takes the Losing Bets
At the end of the roulette round, the croupier collects the losing bets on the roulette table.

🧐 Observes for Illegal Gameplay
Monitors the gaming style of the players and looks for illegal playing methods, such as the use of late bets.

It is not easy to become a professional roulette dealer. For instance, some countries, such as America, Canada, Australia and England, require the roulette dealers to be licensed. A thorough roulette croupier training requires a good knowledge of mathematics, among other matters, and could take up to a couple of months.

In most cases, no special qualification is required, but it depends on the requirements of the specific casino operator. Some casinos offer in-house training, while an alternative option is to sign up for a casino dealer training course. Either way, the process is intense, and several checks are mandatory, such as credit and police background checks, among others.

Auto Roulette – Playing without a Dealer

Playing live dealer casino games online or in a land-based establishment offers an amazing gambling experience. However, did you know that you can play without a roulette croupier? Sometimes, you could enjoy an even more intriguing experience, thanks to the fewer interactions with the game. Auto Roulette by Evolution is one of the greatest examples of a live roulette table without a croupier. Check out the demo of the game to find out more about its features.

Games, such as Multi Wheel Roulette by Microgaming, for example, offer another great option to play your favourite type of casino games without a live dealer. The screen is covered by eight or more roulette wheels that allow you to play that many games simultaneously, while the gameplay is determined by the RNG principle. Respectively, many other RNG roulette games allow you to play without a live dealer.

Live Dealer Roulette Strategy & Roulette Dealer Tips

Playing with a roulette dealer is very interesting and pleasant, but you should remember that some things are often not as easy as they look. Even the best live dealer roulette tables have some specialities that you should be aware of in advance, such as the live chat feature and how to use the statistics of hot and cold numbers. Here are a few important roulette dealer tips to remember before your next gaming session.

You can use these tips when playing with a roulette live dealer on the table, but please always remember that there is no recipe for hitting the winning number. Roulette is one of the highest-paying casino games, and if you use the correct betting system, you can only enhance your chances of a nice outcome.

Roulette Dealer Q&A

Now, when you know the best roulette dealer tricks and all about the top options to play with a roulette croupier, let’s take a look at the most important questions and answers about this blog post. Read these questions before playing roulette with a live dealer for real money.

1️⃣ What does a roulette dealer do?

A roulette dealer sits between the betting table and the roulette wheel and assists the players in their game. There are different live dealer roulette situations, for instance, a croupier in a land-based or online casino. Alternatively, you can also hire a professional roulette dealer for your home party, but their responsibilities are similar.

2️⃣ Could a roulette croupier speak up at a live table?

Yes, when you play roulette with a live dealer in a land-based casino, the croupier can speak up at the table when announcing the bets, the winning number, when closing the bets, etc. Also, the roulette croupier in a casino takes charge of the gameplay and can make friends with the players.

3️⃣ Can I play live dealer roulette online?

Yes, you can always play roulette online with a live dealer, of course, if the casino operator offers a live dealer lobby with games. The best live dealer roulette online tables are offered by Evolution, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play, among other popular software developers.

4️⃣ How to hire a roulette croupier for a casino party?

Many companies offer professional roulette croupier hire, and rental gaming equipment, including roulette wheel and betting table, etc. All you need to do is call in advance, ask for more details, and let the professionals do the rest. This is the best option for a private casino night event at your home.

5️⃣ How to become a professional roulette dealer?

If you want to become a professional roulette dealer, you might need a licence, depending on the specific rules in your country. You might also need roulette dealer training and a background check, including credit checks. After that, you will need to apply to your favourite casino.

6️⃣Can I play live dealer roulette without a croupier?

Yes, some of the best live dealer roulette online casinos offer games, such as Auto Roulette La Partage and Multi-Wheel Roulette, among other RNG titles. They offer you the unique chance to play roulette without a live dealer. However, the gameplay can be more specific, so please make sure to check out the rules in advance.

7️⃣ Do all the roulette dealer tricks work?

It depends on how you use them and how you choose the right combination of roulette dealer tricks. For instance, even the best roulette dealer tips can only enhance your odds of winning but are never a guarantee for a positive outcome.

Author: William Hall